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Construction and development works a lot different than it used to. Projects today require so much involvement on a larger scale where thorough management is required.

The Orca Group Ltd. professional engineering (P.Eng) team has the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage projects from the beginning to the end regardless if the project is residential, commercial or industrial. Our team will execute critical duties such as overseeing contracts, obtaining materials, determining feasible budgets, scheduling projects accordingly and reporting all necessary communication to stakeholders.

Why Choose Orca Group Ltd.

Creating the perfect project plan for any residential, commercial and industrial project requires a staging process with timelines, budgets and resources. It’s important that those projects are managed effectively from start to finish to ensure everything is executed based on the project plan. Orca Group Ltd. has all of the right tools, knowledge and efficiencies to make everything happen with just one single point of contact. We have a vast network of suppliers and contractors to get the job done.

Free consultation

We provide a free consultation on your project.


Orca Group Ltd. has over 20 years of experience across the province.


We thoroughly educate all of our clients of the entire process.


All of our projects are completed with total efficiencies on time, money and resources.
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We take pride in all of our projects. We reinforce a compelling message when delivering to our valued clients.

O Our professional team provides complete and comprehensive services to successfully guide a project from idea to reality.
R Renovation and new construction is our expertise.
C Commitment to our clients.
A Accountability from conception through design and completion of construction.